Candidates Protest, petitioning EC to revert Decision

The placards carried by protesters showed writings like “Gamato, Whose Interest are You Serving?; Burn the Six Boxes Now!; Andrew Kulangie, RO/NW, your incompetency and Indecision Is An Insult to Jiwaka!! Step Down!!; which indicates that the Electoral Commissioner’s decision over the six disputed ballot boxes did not go down well with the supporters, scrutineers and candidates disagree.

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Concerns on Voting using ID Cards by University Students

The University of Papua New Guinea students have spoken through the ballot despite being provided less ballot papers due to discrepancies in the electoral roll.

They even had one of their representatives, Gerald Peni as scrutineer to make sure their ballot boxes are counted during the counting.

However, scrutineers of some candidates raised concerns regarding these ballot boxes claiming breach of electoral processes during the polling.

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