Mosquitoes bite back at World Championships

Nauru, putting their game plan together saw them strike back at the Mozzies in the third quarter, scoring two goals and a couple of behinds.

With 40 points difference between the two teams, Mosquitoes held on tight in the last quarter as they were chased by Nauru.

With less then six minutes on the clock, the Mozzies added another goal and a behind bribing their score up to 84 points.

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Countries Merge for World AFL Championships

Some of these countries include india, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia and others including PNG. To mark the opening ceremony of the 6th International Cup Tournament, participating countries were asked to visit the government house, to meet and great and hear a few welcome remarks from Victoria Governor and Minister for Sports.

After the opening remarks and speeches, teams made their way to the popular MCG stadium, where the countries made an opening entrance, showcasing their team colours and country of origin.

The tournament kick-started today and saw the 2014 International Cup favourite, the PNG Mosquitoes take on their 2014 rival, Ireland.

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PNG Swimming hosts First Ever Swimming Camp

The camp delivered the best opportunity for the swimmers to improve their swimming in a positive and healthy learning environment.

Program coordinators Greg Fasala and Adam Hosking from West Brisbane Aquatics, in Australia, managed the program. This was with the aim to encourage and motivate the swimmers to prepare well for the 12th Oceania Championships.

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