IFC to help PNG boost tourism

The number of tourists visiting Papua New Guinea has seen a steady and healthy growth since 2005. But there is so much potential for the tourism sector in PNG. This has seen the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has partnered with the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) of Papua New Guinea to undertake market research, in the next five months, that will help the government develop tourism and realise the sector’s potential over the next ten years.

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Some notable sections of the PNG Cybercrime Code Act 2016

Papua New Guineas cybercrime law was formulated and drafted in 2011 as part of the general drive within the Pacific region to reform and develop the regions ICT laws. In September 2016, Parliament passed the Cybercrime Code Act.

The Cybercrime Code Act is defined as acts or omissions constituting offences committed through the use of information and communication technology, and for related purposes.

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Uses and Abuses of Betelnut

Betel nut was a commodity in coastal communities of Papua New Guinea where it was grown and used. As per traditional mandate, a person would start using betel nut in their later teen years where the coming of age into adulthood is bestowed. The use came with responsibility, and moderation, as adults and the elderly exclusively use it to suppress hunger and for traditionally sanctioned activities. It was also considered the “food” of sorcerers.

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Having An Online Presence During Election

I am not the only one that turns to the internet for information on vendors and basically any question that needs answering, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reported that globally more than 3.2 billion people are using the internet.

The National Information, Communication and Technology Authority revealed last year that the number of internet users in Papua New Guinea had massively increased since 2007.

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