Elections through the eyes of an informal business man

We are three weeks away from polling but Boroko, in the nation’s capital, seems unusually quiet for a time like this.

People going about their daily routine, the only difference is that everywhere you turn you see an election poster either on tree trunks, notice boards, on cars, buses and basically, any surface that can hold a poster.

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Problem identified with Late Payment of Foreign Mission Funds

It was the decision to directly fund Foreign Missions from Treasury and the introduction of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) that has caused delays in the payment of Foreign Missions. But the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Rimbink Pato, in a press release stated that these delays should be resolved once they get past the initial implementation of the new arrangements.

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WECREATE Challenge,‘Extreme Build a Business’ workshop

More than 100 women are taking part in the WECREATE Challenge Extreme-Build-a-Business workshop in Port Moresby this weekend.

The WECREATE Challenge is a national entrepreneurship training and accelerator program that provides emerging female entrepreneurs with resources, connection and skills they need to establish successful companies in their local communities.

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