Plans to Develop a National Adaptation Plan for PNG Underway

The Plan aims to reduce Papua New Guinea’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, by building capacity and resilience.

Head of CCDA, Ruel Yamuna, said a unified strategy is key to capturing the steps needed to address climate change.

According to CCDA, the National Adaptation Plan aims to address the needs and context with specific solutions to what PNG communities face as climate change takes its toll.

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Baki to Invite PM O’Neill for Interrogation

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said he will officially invite Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for questioning in regards to allegations in the Paraka Bills payment.

Baki has also welcomed the decision by the court however has not provided details when to serve the Warrant of Arrest.

Commissioner Baki has engaged Assistant Commissioner Crimes, Victor Isouve, and Director of Fraud and Anti-Corruption Chief, Superintendent Mathew Damaru, to work with him before an official letter is given to PM O’Neill to be brought in for questioning.

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Port Moresby Police Nab Two for Fraudulent Visa Deals

According to police, the two suspects, a man and a woman, are public servants but are not responsible for Work permits and the processing of visas.

Police believe the two have been practicing this for some time.

Documents provided to EMTV News, shows two different payments totalling nearly K2,000 paid in cash to the two suspects. Another final exchange was planned at the Vision City Mall today, but failed when Police and Immigration authorities apprehended the duo.

Police say the duo will be charged after interrogation and will not be released for bail.

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Abel: PNG Needs a Simpler Tax System

The caretaker Treasurer says the current system has loopholes and allows business to easily avoid paying tax. While acknowledging the current hefty tax cuts across the country, Minister Abel said there are options the Government can make to improve where it has failed. Minister Abel said, eyeing a better workable system will not only improve PNG’s tax collection revenue but lightening the big tax cuts slapped on citizens.

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