Kedu Seif Haus, a refuge for Victims of Violence

Kedu Seif Haus is a community-based organisation in Milne Bay Province. It was established in 2010 and is now in its seventh year of operation.

According to Deedee Nipuega, the Executive Director of Kedu Seif Haus, gender-based violence has high prevalence and was affecting many women around her province, however, due to limited safe avenues to help the victims, many remained under the violence and couldn’t search for help.

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Kafe Women’s Association, a Community Based Organisation Helping Victims of Violence

Gender-based violence is a common issue affecting families around the country.

Many of these victims do not know where to go, and whom to see for help therefore remain and continue to see violence in their homes and the community.

Unlike before, gender-based violence is now a recognised issue and is addressed at all levels- the national, provincial and the community level.

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