Yama Explains Move to Join Government

His decision is for the betterment for Madang province to receive the kind of support it needs.

Mr Yama, today held a public gathering at the PLP oval in Madang town to acknowledge the people for electing him as their governor.

He also took the opportunity to explain to his people why he chose to be with the government and not the opposition.

Yama’s explanation comes after numerous complains raised by the people of Madang over his decision to join the government

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Madang Polls Winding up

In middle Ramu, all teams are expected to complete polling on Tuesday.

Usino Bundi started polling late due to no security personnel on the ground to provide security thus led to the voters demanding security presence on the ground before polling can commenced.

They are expected to complete polling on Wednesday at the latest given the geographical location in some of the areas as well as fuel for vehicles.

For Rai Coast, only two LLGs Naho Rawa and Astrolabe have completed polling.

They have transported their ballot papers to the Jomba police station yesterday.

12 ballot boxes for Astrolabe and 14 ballot boxes for Naho Rawa LLG were now locked up at the Jomba police.

Counting is now scheduled to start on Tuesday.

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Modilon General Hospital Scales down operations

The Modilon General Hospital in Madang scaled down its operations two weeks due to financial difficulties.

The Hospital’s board also made a decision to increase hospital fees.

The Modilon General is a level 5 provincial referral hospital. It serves more than 500,000 people. But the dire news was delivered through the Hospital’s CEO, Christine Gawi issuing a letter informing the people of Madang its plans to cut down on its operations.

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