Three Tribal Groups in Wabag to follow orders to stop fighting

These orders were given to achieve a complete ceasefire on the unrest.There must not be any more fighting as the Peace and Good Order Committee had declared Wabag and Kandep District ‘fighting zones’. This means that Police have wider powers under the Intergroup fighting Act to arrest and detain those who decide to fight.

Failure to comply with the Preventative Order will see those involved to be imprisoned for six months, or pay a fine of K2,000. The three groups accepted the PO and agreed to end the fighting.

The Kandeps agreed to put their matter to the Court of Dispute and Returns of not counting their seven disputed boxes which contained most of Don Polye’s stronghold votes.

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Grade 12 Boy Shot Dead in Wabag

A Grade 12 student of Kopen Secondary in Wabag was shot dead after the looting of a shop in Wabag town on Monday. On Monday at around 12pm, Police reports stated that there was a looting by opportunists at a shop in Wabag town.

Police could not identify who fired the shots, because, at that same time, all the security forces were at Amala and Teremanda maintaining peace when the incident happened.

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‘Video Cassettes, the BMX bandits, and fresh bread over the back fence…’ Growing up in the small town of Kavieng

In Kavieng, having rasta, and listening to reggae music, had to be accompanied by tie-dyed pants and shirts in the traditional reggae colours of yellow, green, and red.

But there were other things that set Kavieng town apart; while at the same time, ensured it didn’t lose touch with the rest of a Papua New Guinea in the throngs of modernity.

Sales on BMX bikes sky-rocketed following the string of extreme BMX bike-riding movies of RAD, and the BMX bandits. And while this later led to an underground of stolen and re-chopped BMX bikes, it also gave us means to hang out with our friends.

One favourite night pastime was getting on our bikes, armed with small torches for regulation lights, and using the whole of Kavieng town, for a game of hide and seek.

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