Uses and Abuses of Betelnut

Betel nut was a commodity in coastal communities of Papua New Guinea where it was grown and used. As per traditional mandate, a person would start using betel nut in their later teen years where the coming of age into adulthood is bestowed. The use came with responsibility, and moderation, as adults and the elderly exclusively use it to suppress hunger and for traditionally sanctioned activities. It was also considered the “food” of sorcerers.

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Farming PNG Sets Insight into PNG’s Vast Potential in the Agriculture Sector

Last night saw the screening of the six-part series of the Papua New Guinea documentary, Farming PNG, at the Paradise Cinemas, Vision City. It is a production under television broadcaster, EMTV, and its advertising arm, EMTEK Multimedia.

The 75-minute long documentary highlights the potential of the agricultural industry in PNG, aiming to inspire the young and old as a possible solution for a sustainable future.

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Teen Produces Dynamic Play About PNG Culture

Moresby Arts Theatre is proud to announce the upcoming play “Meisoga”, a dramatized study of the culture of the Meisoga people on Misima Island in Milne Bay, starting March 16.

The play is special for many reasons. It is a play about PNG culture and traditions. It has a Papua New Guinean cast. It is written by a Papua New Guinean. And most special of all, it is written by 16-year old student, Andrew Kuliniasi. This is Andrew’s second time to direct a play at MAT, with the first one being “Hercules” in 2015.

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Substantial Care and Attention needed to Protect PNG Cultures Amidst Globalisation

As PNG is aggressively accepting and embracing international influences through the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture, a substantial amount of care, attention and consideration is needed to preserve its cultures.

The phenomena of cultural extinction are increasing all over the world. Cultural extinction includes the loss of language, traditions, habits, and customs. Like the various species of animals and plants, cultures can become extinct as well.

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