‘Video Cassettes, the BMX bandits, and fresh bread over the back fence…’ Growing up in the small town of Kavieng

In Kavieng, having rasta, and listening to reggae music, had to be accompanied by tie-dyed pants and shirts in the traditional reggae colours of yellow, green, and red.

But there were other things that set Kavieng town apart; while at the same time, ensured it didn’t lose touch with the rest of a Papua New Guinea in the throngs of modernity.

Sales on BMX bikes sky-rocketed following the string of extreme BMX bike-riding movies of RAD, and the BMX bandits. And while this later led to an underground of stolen and re-chopped BMX bikes, it also gave us means to hang out with our friends.

One favourite night pastime was getting on our bikes, armed with small torches for regulation lights, and using the whole of Kavieng town, for a game of hide and seek.

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Uses and Abuses of Betelnut

Betel nut was a commodity in coastal communities of Papua New Guinea where it was grown and used. As per traditional mandate, a person would start using betel nut in their later teen years where the coming of age into adulthood is bestowed. The use came with responsibility, and moderation, as adults and the elderly exclusively use it to suppress hunger and for traditionally sanctioned activities. It was also considered the “food” of sorcerers.

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Farming PNG Sets Insight into PNG’s Vast Potential in the Agriculture Sector

Last night saw the screening of the six-part series of the Papua New Guinea documentary, Farming PNG, at the Paradise Cinemas, Vision City. It is a production under television broadcaster, EMTV, and its advertising arm, EMTEK Multimedia.

The 75-minute long documentary highlights the potential of the agricultural industry in PNG, aiming to inspire the young and old as a possible solution for a sustainable future.

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