Overdue food products still sold in Moresby Shops despite Authority’s Warnings

In January 2017, senior environmental health officer Matthew Laba, who is one of the three health inspectors with the National Capital District Commission, highlighted the need to maintain health standards, especially with food and urged general public to report shops that sell overdue food products.

Despite warnings from Health Authorities, few shops in Port Moresby continue to sell food items that have already went past their best-before dates. Most times, people do not consider the expiration dates on food products when going shopping, thus they run the risk for serious food poisoning.

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Farming PNG Sets Insight into PNG’s Vast Potential in the Agriculture Sector

Last night saw the screening of the six-part series of the Papua New Guinea documentary, Farming PNG, at the Paradise Cinemas, Vision City. It is a production under television broadcaster, EMTV, and its advertising arm, EMTEK Multimedia.

The 75-minute long documentary highlights the potential of the agricultural industry in PNG, aiming to inspire the young and old as a possible solution for a sustainable future.

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