Grade 12 Boy Shot Dead in Wabag

A Grade 12 student of Kopen Secondary in Wabag was shot dead after the looting of a shop in Wabag town on Monday. On Monday at around 12pm, Police reports stated that there was a looting by opportunists at a shop in Wabag town.

Police could not identify who fired the shots, because, at that same time, all the security forces were at Amala and Teremanda maintaining peace when the incident happened.

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MPs Pledge to Work in Partnership to Deliver Services to the People

Goi also appealed to Jiwaka Provincial Government and the Correctional Service to have a rural lockup in Jimmy.

Tongap said his second term in Parliament and in running the new Jiwaka Province will see the three MPs of Jiwaka work together for the good of the people.

His appeal to the people of Jiwaka is to respect the work of the government.

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Southern Highlands Supporters Call for Gamato to Respond to Delay

They are demanding the Electoral Commissioner, Patalias Gamato makes a decision to allow the boxes to be counted in Mt Hagen, or they will leave the City and return to Mendi.

Southern Highlands Regional is one of two seats yet to be declared.

Counting has been on hold for seven days due to election related deaths in Mendi, Southern Highlands.

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Fire Services Needed in Wabag

The burning down of a property in Wabag town, and the death of Bangladeshi man this week, have raised concerns in the community on the importance of having government services such as a Fire Department.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said part of the building including the deceased, should have been saved, if there was such a service.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

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Bangladeshi Businessman burnt to ashes in Wabag

A Bangladesh man was burnt to ashes this morning in Wabag town.

The Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

Eye witnesses say the fire started in the Kitchen when the Bangladesh man tried to light the gas stove.

Four other Bangladesh are homeless after their rented store was burnt to ashes.

The fire started at around five o’clock this morning burning down a building which houses several other businesses such as shops and finance companies.

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Southern Highlands Regional Candidates, Supporters Protest in Mt Hagen

he security forces and the Southern Highlands Election Steering Committee were going to move the boxes out to Goroka yesterday, but the supporters took to the streets of Mt Hagen and formed a human shield, blocking the road.

They felt that Mt Hagen is their second home, and is a neutral place to count their boxes after election-related deaths in Mendi.

The Southern Highlands Election Steering Committee members were advised to move the boxes out of Mendi town after a fight broke out between supporters of the Regional candidates, resulting in deaths of at least three people.

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