Saonu: Morobe Financial autonomy discussions to resume

“I would like to see Morobe having more control,” Saonu said. “The National Government needs to realize that without Morobe province, Papua New Guinea cannot function as well as it does.”

It is estimated Morobe generates up to K500 million every year in goods and services tax. About K30 million is returned to the province.

The rest is paid to the national purse. This was one of the reasons why former governor Luther Wenge, took the National Government to court during his term.

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Yama Explains Move to Join Government

His decision is for the betterment for Madang province to receive the kind of support it needs.

Mr Yama, today held a public gathering at the PLP oval in Madang town to acknowledge the people for electing him as their governor.

He also took the opportunity to explain to his people why he chose to be with the government and not the opposition.

Yama’s explanation comes after numerous complains raised by the people of Madang over his decision to join the government

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Former PNG Cancer Specialist, Niblett, Passes on

Dr. Niblet was also facing deportation as he waited for his entitlements to be paid. Close friends said his visa had expired and he faced the possibility of deportation by the Foreign Affairs Department and was stressed by the personal crisis.

“He served this country for 30 plus years,” said wife Andrea. “…and this is how he is treated.”

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