Fiji and Indonesia Sign Plan of Action on Disaster Management Cooperation

With both nations sharing similar climate conditions prone to natural disaster, the signed Plan of Action will facilitate the implementation of the MoU that was signed last year. The signed MoU last year entails six key areas of focus.

Strengthening the exchange of knowledge and expertise in prevention and preparedness on disaster risk reduction,
Climate change adaptation and recovery
Enhancement of human resources quality through understanding best practices,
Participation in joint trainings, workshops and programs related to disaster risk management,
Mutual assistance in cases of natural disaster and
Engagement in other method of cooperation as mutually agreed in writing by both parties.

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Agreement to Boost Samoa’s Renewable Energy Projects

With its objective to rely for 100 percent electricity on renewable energy by 2025, this financial agreement will boost current projects, establish new hydro power plants, rehabilitate those destroyed and improve community energy development projects.

Of the total, Samoan Observer reports 50 percent of the fund will be utilised in the biomass projects, and the other 50 percent in community energy development projects. This will ensure access to energy needs is affordable and easy for its residents.

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