Eda Ranu Staff Against Merging with Water PNG

By Jack Lapauve Jr – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Eda Ranu staff are strongly against the merging of Eda Ranu and Water PNG.

Staff say the government must explain why the merger. Staff also presented a petition to the Management of Eda Ranu to bring to the board for consideration.

A member of the Senior management Team says details of the merger was not made public.

Eda Ranu staff has presented a petition to the Management earlier.

Representatives say majority are against the option to merge with Water PNG. They are also unsure of their benefits and working contracts.

The National Executive Council decision will see Eda Ranu and Water PNG come under an entity to provide water and sewerage services around the country. The plans to merge have left more questions than answers in the workforce.

For now, Eda Ranu staff say they will wait until the Board deliberates on their petition before employees make their next move. Eda Ranu employs over 500 men and women in different fields.

For now, there are no threats of shutting down the water system in the City.

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Creation of Eda Ranu was based on a Study (1996) by JICA-Japan with projections of the future and Stability/Sustainability based platform. Are we saying the politicians in the likes of Maru, Duma, and Oneil know so much more than expert Japanese team who saw that if water and sewerage really needs to meet standard, operating a corporate entity was the way forward? Which did really made tangible change from a non-performing NCD water authority to now profitable EDA RANU. I mean common Ministers, Japans are well advanced than all of us PNG put together. Now just look at Water PNG… Read more »