Taurama Barracks Soldiers Under Close Scrutiny

on Saturday, 07 September 2013. Posted in News

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Taurama Barracks Soldiers Under Close Scrutiny
A task force team will be set up in the Papua New Guinea Defense Force to identify shortfalls in the command and control of soldiers at the Taurama Barracks in Port Moresby.
Brigadier General Francis Agwi made this known in a media statement earlier this week, following recent attacks on civilians by soldiers from the barracks.
The Taurama Barracks command will come under close scrutiny when a task force team is put in place this weekend to identify weaknesses.
The move has come about following recent attacks on civilians and property destruction by drunk and unruly soldiers.
The task force team will be a four-member operation, comprising a colonel, lieutenant colonel, a major and a PNGDF lawyer. They will be located in the barracks, overseeing the Taurama Barracks administration.
Concerns were raised by the opposition and those who were victims of the attack, that soldiers have gone rogue, thus questioning whether the PNGDF command has control over its personnel.
Last week, settlers residing on Robert Gall’s property at 7-mile were attacked and their houses were burnt over a fight that occurred between one of the soldiers and youths residing on the property.
The soldiers, believed to be from the Taurama barracks, had apparently gone to the settlement to claim the Twenty-thousand kina compensation they had demanded from the youths during a previous incident several weeks ago.
Mr Gall said the soldier in question has been identified and a report on the attack, including the initial issue which resulted in the destruction of property, will be given to the PNGDF hierarchy and the police.
Brigadier Agwi said the 7-mile incident will not be overlooked, while describing his men’s actions as criminal.
In the meantime, Brigadier Agwi could not comment on outcomes of the findings into the Medical Faculty Campus case, as he does not know the charges being recommended for the offenders. However, he is seeking legal advice to speed up disciplinary processes.


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