Remote destinations in Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is known for its diversity in culture, language and environment. The coastal areas are hot and humid, whilst the highlands are nice and cool.

PNG has so much to offer, but yet is one of the least visited countries in the Pacific.

Here’s a list of five remote destinations in Papua New Guinea, that you may or may not have heard of before. And I guarantee you they are as remote as they get.

1. Panasesa Island- Milne Bay Province

I didn’t know of this Island myself. Panasesa Island is part of a group of islands called the Conflict Group of Islands in Milne Bay Province. It is just off the tip of Papua New Guinea; if you search on Google you should be able to see it on the map. The Conflict Islands resort is located on Panasesa, there you can enjoy white sandy beaches, island hoping and I’m sure just like every other remote place in Papua New Guinea, the locals are super friendly and helpful. The Melbourne Herald Sun listed it as one of the top 10 beaches and islands to visit in 2014. I should also mention that Panasesa is open to travellers for private hire and features a resort Club House, six beachfront bungalows and runway capable of landing short-haul flights. Activities on offer include sport fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing, boating and nature encounters. 80 miles due East of Papua New Guinea, the Conflict Islands are as little as four hours from Sydney and accessible by private charter from Port Moresby or boat transfers from the Milne Bay capital, Alotau. See

Undated image released by Wilderness Safaris on Tuesday May 10 2011 of a swimmer off North Island resort in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Germany-based real estate mogul Farhad Vladi told a German daily he had rented the island to the Windsors , claiming that Britain's Prince William and his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, would be taking their delayed honeymoon there. Srdjana Janosevic, the press secretary for the Seychelles' president, had no confirmation Tuesday that the royal couple had arrived or planned to vacation, but noted they have visited the Seychelles before. (AP Photo/ Anthony Grote, Wilderness Safaris) EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO SALES
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2. Bensbach Wildlife Lodge- Western Province

If you are someone that loves bird watching, lakes, or rivers, then this is the place for you. Bensbach Lodge is located on the most remote and sparsely populated corner of Papua New Guinea. There are no white sandy beaches, or towering waterfalls, instead you will come face to face with the most stunning flood plains and grassland. According to Trans Niugini Tours, it is a premier wildlife location in PNG and a vital stopping point for migratory birds on their incredible journey between the North and Southern Hemisphere. You can find out more about the types of birds available and how to get there at this link

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3. Nuli Sapi resort- Milne Bay Province

Located on Logeia Island in Milne Bay Province, Nuli Sapi was named one of the worlds top 10 eco-stays in 2014 by Lonely Planet. From Alotau, the provincial capital of Milne Bay, it is an hour and a half by boat. At Nuli Sapi, guests are encouraged to take part in the daily life of the community. So if you are someone looking for a village stay this may be your answer. Visitors can also choose to go island hopping, fishing, hunting for grabs, snorkelling or bush walking. Nuli Sapi currently does not have a website but encourage people to check them out on TripAdvisor and facebook. The best way to get in touch is by email – Check out their Facebook page

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4. Ambua Lodge- Southern Highlands Province

Nestled in the virgin rainforest of Papua New Guinea is Ambua Lodge. A small collection of rustic rooms fit for bird watchers and bush walkers or just any adventurous soul looking for some peace and tranquillity in nature. Scenes of birds of paradise dancing on tall canopies to water spills similar to the trains of wedding dress are sure to be seen on bush walks. The lodge itself boasts of magnificent views of Tari Valley. You may even go past local men going about their business in their elaborate traditional costumes. Read more about Ambua, and how to book at PNG Tours.

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5. Karawari Lodge- East Sepik Province

Another one of the many remote and unspoilt remote destinations in PNG is karawari Lodge. Its located along the Karawari river which is the only way in and out of the area. There are no roads, shops or phones around this area. The people in this area live completely off the land. The lodge consist of ten cottages built from local bush material. You can take part in river excursion in motorised boats to surrounding villages and witness their culture being displayed through ceremonial dances. Karawari Lodge is only accessible on our own air service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from eitherMount Hagen or Ambua Lodge; or on completion of a Sepik cruise on the MV Sepik Spirit. Read more here

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Those were five of the many remote destinations in Papua New Guinea that you can visit. From the thick rainforests in the highlands to the rivers and lakes to white sandy beaches on the islands, Papua New Guinea has a lot to offer.

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