Jacob Popuna Apointed Public Curator

on Saturday, 06 April 2013. Posted in News

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Jacob Popuna Apointed Public Curator

The newly appointed Public Curator, Jacob Popuna, is adamant there will be changes during his term in office, which he hopes to achieve through teamwork.

Mr. Popuna expressed this during a formal hand -over take-over, yesterday.

Labelled as a difficult office to manage, the Office of the Public Curator acts as a Trustee of deceased persons to its beneficiaries.

The office was without a permanent public curator for almost four years.

A handover takeover program was held for staff to witness yesterday afternoon.

Leaving the job to Popuna, outgoing and acting Public Curator Bukukin handed over an exit report to his successor.

He will now return to his position as deputy.

Commenting on the service delivery of the office Bukukin said, “…To serve them honestly, effectively in a timely manner that satisfies the beneficiaries…”.

Mr Popuna is not new to the office; he has been a legal officer for Office for some time.

He said he understands the Offices weak areas and is ready to improve it.

Speaking directly to the staff Mr. Popuna said “… We will portray a different image to the nation of Papua New Guinea, that you will also be proud that you are a servant of the public curator’s office. That will be my dram and vision and desire to do for the next 4 years…”

Representatives from the Department of Justice and Attorney General Headquarters and the four regional Deputy Public Curators also witnessed.

“We are very confident that we will work closely with Mr. Popuna in delivering on the key result areas that the public curators office needs to deliver…” Mr. Kariko said.

Popuna’s appointment was effective on the 14 March 2013.


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