Mul-Baiyer’s assured of improved services

on Wednesday, 03 April 2013. Posted in News

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Mul-Baiyer’s assured of improved services

Member for Mul-Baiyer in the Western Highlands, Koi Trappe has assured the District of improved services over the next five years.

This will mainly cover developments to infrastructures in the Districts, such as roads, education, and health.

It was a big occasion for the Mul-Baiyer District and Mr Trappe. He was accompanied by Government Ministers Richard Maru, Francis Awesa, and William Duma.

MP Trappe announced that major infrastructural projects would be undertaken beginning this year, mainly focusing on health, education, roads, and law and order.

For health, the major focus will be on upgrading the Numusa Health Centre into a District Hospital.

In education, it will see the refurbishment of five High Schools and scholarships for students attending universities around the country.

Road maintenance projects will also be done and improvements to the police force by increasing personnel and capacity. 

Most of the funding will come from the K10 million DSIP allocations to the district. But there will also be assistance from donor agencies such as AusAID particularly for the proposed hospital where Australia is expected to assist with K24 million.

Mr Trappe commended the O’Neil government’s “year of implementation” focus and has vowed to support the government.

Cedric Patjole, National EMTV News

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