Wobiro, Gumoi and May Submit Bail Application

Western Governor, Ati Wobiro, Provincial Administrator, Dr. Modowa Gumoi, and local businessman Carl May, who were convicted last Monday of misappropriating K7.6 million of public funds, submitted a bail application this afternoon.

The trio submitted that they have the same type of medical issues and this required them to get special treatment outside of Bomana Prison.

They also submitted that they are prepared to pay a court bail of K10,000, including their guarantors.

Lawyer Greg Egan has presented three separate submissions in court, one for each of the trio.

For Wobiro he told the court that he is suffering from high blood pressure and serious heart problems.

Egan said Wobiro is also an asthmatic patient, and is currently receiving treatment, and being in prison creates an extra level of stress.

For the Provincial Administrator, Dr. Modowa Gumoi, Egan said he is a known patient to several private hospitals for heart attack symptoms, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. And for the local businessman May, he has a background of diabetes.

He underwent heart surgery this year in Singapore for heart failure and is currently under treatment.

The state objected to the grounds saying they can be transported from Bomana to a hospital to receive their treatment.

However, Egan said the trio need to see specialist doctors to get proper treatment while they wait for their sentencing.

He asked the court to consider those grounds, saying they do not have any prior convictions.

Justice Panuel Mogish will rule on this application tomorrow morning.


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Vasinatta Yama

Vasinatta Yama

graduated from Divine Word University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations, as well as minors in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. Her current focus is reporting on court and crime stories as part of the news team. She constantly strives to improve her skills in investigative reporting.