Gurias Fan Dies After Attack

Joe Pidik, from the East New Britain Province, died last night after suffering from injuries he received following last week’s Intercity Cup brawl.

Joe was hit on the head with a brick thrown by angry Mt Hagen Eagles supporters, and was rushed to the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Pidik was in critical condition, before finally succumbing to his injuries last night.

The attack was part of escalated violence, which occurred after a Mt Hagen Eagles official sparked a fight with the match referee, following the Agmark Gurias 19-12 win last weekend, at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby.

Some Eagles fans at the match then got involved, which saw the fight spill over on to the road.

The Late Joe Pidik, and his colleague Deson Wairo were on their normal Saturday work shift at the Moresby Betting Shop.

Wairo confirms they were driving back to their work place, in a company vehicle which was flying a Gurias team flag. Their vehicle, which included other workers on board, were confronted by a group of angry Eagle’s supporters at the Gordons roundabout.

“Ol attackim mipla bikos lo flag, na ol sampla boys blo mipla tu ibin wearim jersey blo Guria,” says Deson Wairo. (They attacked us because of the flag, and some boys were wearing Gurias jerseys also).

He further exclaimed that they had no idea about what had happened at the stadium.

“Mipla I no watchim game.. mipla I bin stap lo wok ples,” said Wairo. (We didn’t watch the game, we were at work).

Moresby betting shop owner, Jamie Pang, condemned the actions of the Eagles official, and the people involved.

The Agmark Gurias team and SP PNG Hunters Coach, Michael Marum, made time available to pay their respects to the family of the deceased.

The Late Joe Pidik was described by his workmates as a humble and hard working person, who has now, through no fault of his own, left behind his wife and his one year old child.

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Elijah Lavett

Elijah Lavett

is the youngest member of the EMTV Sports team at age 20. He is the resident Squash-master, but also enjoys Tennis and is an avid fan of the SP Hunters, all while hosting the long-running Sport Scene program.