Thousands Evicted from Saraga Settlement

At least 1000 residents from the Saraga Settlement in Port Moresby have been displaced following an eviction exercise by police.

Their homes and property worth thousands of kina were destroyed.

EMTV News arrived at the scene and saw displaced residents amongst rubble, which had previously been their homes.

This follows an eviction exercise by police, acting on a court order obtained by the Alblaze Construction Company, who claimed to have ownership over this piece of land.

Permanent houses were destroyed and thousands of Kina lost following the eviction.

Residents said policemen ordered them to completely remove their belongings, and vacate the land.

They are now calling on city authorities to rectify this issue immediately.


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Eric Haurupma

studied at the University of Papua New Guinea graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. His main areas of expertise within EMTV are the courts, crime and the environment.

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King Lapeoh

Only people have genuine jobs in Port Moresby should be relocated. Otherwise repatriate everyone who is not working back to their home land to till their land to sustain themselves and their familes.