Extra Ballot Papers Cause Stir in NCD Counting Room

Scrutineers from the NCD Regional counting room at Rita Flynn Complex were in an uproar earlier this evening, when a ballot box was found to contain 250 empty ballot papers.

This was discovered after an announcement by the Presiding Officer for 9 Mile Laloki (Lailai’s place) that there were going to be only 20 unused ballot papers.

Police were on hand to calm the situation and see it to a peaceful resolution. It was agreed that they would continue counting but keep a record of what transpired.

When election officials continued to sort out the papers, election Manager Alwyn Jimmy banned the media from taking pictures. This caused more uproar from scrutineers.

This EMTV Journalist was present to witness the debate.

After the exchange of words, the NCD Election manager then had a physical altercation with a scrutineer and sent him out of the counting venue. Election Observers tried to calm the situation, but were unsuccessful.

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Merilyn Diau-Katam

Merilyn Diau-Katam

grew up in a multicultural society and can speak a number of languages including, English, Tok Pisin, Filipino and Bisaya (Filipino dialect). She began working with EMTV’s News and Current Affairs Department in October 2015, covering health, education and the environment. Though she is new to the media industry, she aims to help provide a voice to the voiceless.

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