Fire Services Needed in Wabag

The burning down of a property in Wabag town, and the death of Bangladeshi man this week, have raised concerns in the community on the importance of having government services such as a Fire Department.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said part of the building including the deceased, should have been saved, if there was such a service.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

A man from Dhakar, Bangladesh, was trapped in a burning building in Wabag town yesterday morning.

Eyewitnesses said the fire started in the kitchen when the Bangladeshi man tried to light the gas stove in the morning.

Fire then spread to the other parts of the building which houses some mini finance companies, and shops.

Enga PPC, George Kakas, expressed his sympathies to the families of the deceased man, and said there was no fire department in Wabag town to put the fire out.

Eyewitnesses heard the man trapped in the fire and crying out for help, but it was difficult for the men to rescue him.

PPC Kakas also said that Wabag town has recently seen an increase in the constructing of big buildings; however, insurance companies do not want to take the risk of insuring properties in Enga.

Kakas said the main reason were tribal fights in the Province, which resulted in having no fire service, no proper building boards, and continuous power outages.

He is calling on the Fire Service and Enga Provincial Government to look into these issues so the people can have confident to invest.

Meanwhile, the CID team in Wabag is searching for the remains of the Bangladeshi man who was trapped in the fire while the other four managed to escape.

PPC Kakas warned the people of Wabag that this was not election related, but believed to be from a faulty gas leak, or a defective electrical appliance.

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Vasinatta Yama

Vasinatta Yama

graduated from Divine Word University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts, with majors in Journalism and Public Relations, as well as minors in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. Her current focus is reporting on court and crime stories as part of the news team. She constantly strives to improve her skills in investigative reporting.

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