Hywind, World’s First Floating Wind Farm

The world’s first floating wind farm is set to become a reality in the north coast of Scotland.

Installation has already begun for the turbines that are designed to generate six megawatts of electricity. From a total of five, one has already been taken out in the open sea for installation with four more yet to be taken out.

The developer, Statoil, a Norwegian based company tested the prototype for six years, and is now finally deploying the project into reality.

The turbine will be installed 25 kilometres off the coast of Peterhead in North-East Scotland and after completion, 20,000 households are expected to receive power.

Below are descriptions of the turbines; (Source: BBC)

  • The tower, including the blades, stretches to 175m (575ft), dwarfing Big Ben
  • Each tower weighs 11,500 tonnes
  • The box behind the blades – the nacelle – could hold two double-decker buses
  • Each blade is 75m – almost the wing span of an Airbus
  • The turbines can operate in water up to a kilometre deep
  • The blades on the towers have been a particular focus for innovation.
  • The blades harness breakthrough software – which holds the tower upright by twisting the blades to dampen motions from wind, waves and currents.

This is a great investment by the government for its people and will help cut costs for many. The project is described to be a game changer for the country and the industry as well, and will be an emerging technology for other nations to tap into.

Video caption: The worlds first floating wind farm.

Video Source: Statoil

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