Tree planting to signify unity in Kerowagi Developments

The Kerowagi District Development Authority is aiming to improve current infrastructure in Kerowagi.

Kerowagi MP, Bari Palma, said the 5-year development plan will be the guide to achieve the district’s development agenda.

Mr. Palma and the District workforce held a tree planting ceremony recently to signify the growth, partnership and plans to develop the district.

MP Bari Palma was joined by development partners, Kerowagi Public servants, and members of the Kerowagi District Development Authority.

MP Palma said many services need improvement, and 5 years is not near enough time to see them through. He said work must start immediately.

Mr. Palma and the District Authority have created a plan to guide the district’s development agenda.

He said not all Communities will receive the same attention in services delivered.

Four major projects will be established under the Palma Administration. Kerowagi airstrip, Rural electrification, road networks, and Court House.

Despite a negative balance in the District’s books, the Palma Administration is keen to change the District and improve the level of service delivery.

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